Libraries and Small Business

There are so many library resources for start-ups and small businesses to use that can help entrepreneurs reach their goals; classes, databases, workshop series, books and more. But what if libraries could provide a little bit more and at the same time benefit from it? Here is an idea.

Libraries have flexible spaces with our branches. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to have pop-up stores in our libraries, selling quality products and wares from community entrepreneurs? And, how amazing would it be for libraries to advertise small businesses on their websites? A small fee could be paid to libraries for the space and advertisement opportunity.

Pop Up shops are becoming a standard practice for businesses, especially new businesses who are looking to connect with customers in spaces, but do not yet have the resources to buy a location. Libraries can be those spaces that house the next amazing business and provide a platform for those businesses to be seen and supported.

I already hear the reasons why you may not think this could work. I know, many libraries cannot take in profit or money of any kind. Maybe building codes or even policies may make this seem impossible. But I say, commit to the idea and work on ways to make it happen. Don’t focus on why it cannot.

Here are a few links to pop-ups:

Of course criteria would have to be developed to ensure that the businesses are in line with your own business practices, beliefs and goals. But, if you are looking for ways to bring style to your libraries this is it. Not to mention, that there are opportunities to even make a profit. What if your library created its own store selling products from your pop-up community.  Think about it. Does it work for your community? Does it fit your brand and mission? Then, let’s do it.